How Often Should My Furnace Be Replaced?

As winter approaches, heating devices are pushed to their limits. Temperatures plummet to freezing or lower, and furnaces may fail due to massive use. When a furnace fails, many homeowners doubt whether they can repair it. They should call the experts for a furnace replacement in Forney, TX. 

It’s a hard choice to expense a furnace replacement, and the answer can be complicated based on the age of the furnace and its effectiveness at heating the house.

How Frequently Should a Furnace Unit Be Replaced?

The average heating system lasts 18–20 years, though the exact number varies based on the heater and the quality of maintenance during its lifetime. A furnace can last for 20 years if it is frequently and commercially maintained, but a furnace lacking maintenance may fail sooner.

Understanding Furnace Maintenance 

Manufacturer guarantees are also maintained during routine maintenance, which could save homeowners money on costly repairs.

Every homeowner receives one year of regular maintenance with a new heater installation. The experts further encourage their clients to sign up for energy savings contracts in 2-5-year plans to continue maintenance simple and hassle-free. Hence customers who join a thorough maintenance plan would never have to worry about their heater again.

A licensed professional heater expert should undertake regular furnace tune-ups and safety checks. So before it gets chilly, the best time to plan a furnace setup or safety checks is in the fall. Heating companies frequently have more accessibility, offer special discounts, and ensure that property owners have an effective and ideally functioning furnace during the winter months when they need it the most.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace Device. 

Below are some signs indicating that you need a furnace replacement. 

Life Expectancy

Any furnace device that is more than ten years old is likely to have more serious difficulties. If it has been maintained properly over the decades, homeowners can expect another 5 to 10 years of service from their furnace. However, most service contracts will expire by year 12, and with each new repair, the system’s authenticity may deteriorate. If the furnace unit is more than 15 years old or has not been retained, homeowners should consider using the furnace replacement cost estimator before installing a new furnace. 

Significant Repairs

When a mechanical system, such as a vehicle, continues to require maintenance, it is time to consider replacing the system. While repairing one furnace component may keep the system operating, it is likely to trigger additional repairs. Furthermore, as the furnace ages, repair parts may become more difficult to obtain or replace.

Yellow Flames

A properly installed natural gas furnace, like any other appliance, will have a clear and sharp blue flame. The crisp flame shows that the system is clean and fresh, with no gas leakage or potential safety issues. While the system is operating, homeowners can examine the flame by looking through the cover vents of the furnace.

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