Rockwall HVAC Company

You always want a unit that is efficient, clean and healthy. Therefore, we proudly carry Rockwall HVAC Company authorization in order to make sure that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit in your home or office building is perfect. We not only take care of the installation but help you understand how to maintain and service them regularly to ensure smoothness and efficiency in operation.

Fox Air and Heat Inc. is the ideal company that can meet your HVAC needs. Whether you want to buy, install or repair your unit, we are there for you. Moreover, we can also help you with effective and regular servicing so that you always get the best from your system.

Inspection and Free Estimate:

The HVAC unit might experience a problem that is difficult to troubleshoot. Our experts are there for you during these times. You call us, and we inspect the system. On the basis of the inspection done, we will tell you the total expenditure that might be required for the repairing process.

Our Rockwall HVAC Company will not charge any money for giving an estimate. Hence, you are free to decide whether you want to get the next level of services from us. On the basis of that, we will get started with the work.

Cleaning and Repair:

It is not always necessary for the system to experience any problem. You can even call us for cleaning the parts in the unit. After all, problems are the last things that you want in your HVAC unit. Hence, before experiencing any problem, do call our Rockwall HVAC Company authorized dealer.

We make use of the necessary tools and products to clean the parts of the system. As a result, it contributes to healthy indoor air free from dust, debris or allergen. You can experience the difference on your own.

Offering Commercial Services:

HVAC systems are not only installed in homes, but also in commercial buildings. The capacity of the system is larger and performance functionality is more demanding. Our Rockwall HVAC Company can take care of the commercial HVAC units, as well. We understand that commercial and office spaces require proper servicing suited for the work environments.

We have large numbers of commercial clients spread across the city, and we are sure that we can accommodate your HVAC needs, as well.

Installation and Post Installation Support:

You will be happy to know that we offer both installation and post-installation support. Our technicians do not just install your unit and then run way. Instead they are there to meet your every service need. We are always reachable to you whenever there is any problem in the HVAC unit.

The work of the experts at our Rockwall HVAC Company is impeccable. Once you try our services you will realize what we have to offer. No matter what the problem is, we are always ready to assist you when you call us at (214) 392-7584. We can even give effective tips for better functioning. Get in touch with us right now for any HVAC need.

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