Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

The furnace works diligently to keep your house warm, but it also gives out warning signs before completely shutting down on you. If you watch out for these signs, you can avoid costly emergency repair. Read on for a few telltale signs indicating that you need to reach out to an emergency furnace repair near me.


  1. Carbon Monoxide Detectors Sounding Weird: CO detectors can save you and your family from a carbon monoxide leak that can be a life-threatening emergency. It is, therefore, important to watch out for sounds emitted by the detectors. If your CO detector is sounding weird, waste no time; open the windows, turn off the furnace and leave your house. Call your nearest fire department to measure CO levels before you reenter the house. Be sure to grab your pet on your way out as they too can fall sick from CO inhalation.


  1. Look Out for Signs of a Leak: Keep your eyes and nose open for any leaks. If you smell heating oil or natural gas, you could be dealing with a dangerous leak. Odors of gas and heating oil could be the signs of a malfunctioning heating system. If you suspect a leak, be sure to shut down the system and call in the professionals.


  1. Watch Out For Loud Noises: Just like weird smells are an indicator of a malfunctioning unit, so are alarming sounds. If you hear banging, whistling, rattling, or rumbling sounds from your boiler or furnace, it means something dangerous is happening within your heating system. It could also indicate that your unit may blow up, so it is time to call furnace companies near me to get your unit inspected.


  1. No Warm Air: If you think your heating unit is heating but you do not feel any heat, you may need to get it evaluated by professionals. Turn it off and refrain from using it until it has been inspected. Running the system can result in permanent damage and costly repairs that you would want to avoid.


  1. Electrical Issues: Often, a furnace that trips or refuses to turn on indicates that it has some electrical issue. Other telltale indicators that your furnace has electrical issues are – buzzing sounds, wiring that looks burnt, sparking, and electrical burning smells. While you may think you are proficient enough to troubleshoot your furnace, heating units are best left to the professionals. Call in a reliable furnace service company to have your furnace checked.

Costs of an Emergency Heating Repair

The next big question is how much will it cost to repair a furnace. Depending on what is wrong with your unit, furnace repair can cost anything between a few dollars to several hundred dollars. There is also the cost of parts and labor that needs to be accounted for. A repair could be simple and just call for replacing a clogged filter or could mean replacing a blower that can run into several hundred dollars, including parts and labor. If you are on the lookout for a reliable furnace service company, Fox Air and Heat Inc is a name you can trust. Call us today at (214) 392-7584 for an obligation-free quote.

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