Why is my AC running but not chilling?

While most people focus on purchasing new air conditioning units, tuning their systems, and engaging in AC service in Forney, TXothers deal with AC repairs and system issues. As there are numerous air conditioning problems, a unit that fails to cool is among the most problematic. If your air conditioner is running, but the temperature is not decreasing, you may be confused and frustrated. You must look for air conditioner repair near me to troubleshoot your problems.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Running but not Cooling Efficiently:

  • Unclean Coils:
    If the air conditioner is not producing enough cold air, the condenser coils may be clogged with dirt and debris. Similar to a radiator, the condenser in an air conditioner dissipates heat (which was removed from the air). The condenser coil must be clean for heat to be dispersed outside. As the waves become soiled, the air conditioner loses efficiency and must work harder to cool the room. If the coils are sufficiently dirty, the unit will never reach the desired temperature and will be unable to cool the room.
  • Examine the Thermostat:
    The first step if your HVAC system is running but not cooling is to inspect the thermostat. First and foremost, ensure that this device is set to cool. If so, check the temperature setting to see if it has been altered. For example, if your air conditioner had been recently serviced by AC service in Forney, TX, something might have been changed inadvertently. 
    If the thermostat is turned off, switch it to the heat setting before resetting it to a relaxed environment. After staying a few minutes until you attend the air conditioner, turn it on, and examine the registers to see if cold air is blowing out. If you feel the cold, the issue has been resolved! 
  • Consider the Condenser:
    Typically, a central air conditioning system has an outdoor condenser unit. This unit’s exterior typically includes an outdoor coil that encircles the condenser. This coil has several “fins” that are closely spaced. A clogged or blocked coil may cause an air conditioner that does not cool while the system is on. Unfortunately, a wide variety of debris, including grass, dirt, and other contaminants, can enter this equipment. This can lead to severe blockage, which can cause a system malfunction. This can cause your unit to blow warm air instead of cold air, reduce energy efficiency, and even cause the system to shut down.
    To diagnose the issue, examine the condenser and remove any debris. Then, you can use a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean this area, or you can use a hose to wipe away any dirt and grime. Still dealing with AC that runs but does not cool? If so, it might be time to contact a professional air conditioner repair near me.
  • Faulty Engines:
    If the fan motor is broken or malfunctioning, the outdoor unit will be unable to dissipate heat, interfering with an air conditioner’s cooling capacity.
  • Faulty Heat Pump:
    In certain circumstances, your outdoor unit may be a heat pump. A heat pump resembles an air conditioning unit, but its internal components allow it to cool and heat your home. In cooling mode, it functions identically to the condenser unit of an air conditioning system. As a result, it is susceptible to the same issues – dirty, clogged coil, frozen coil, refrigerant leaks, compressor malfunctions, etc. 


If your AC is not cooling correctly, check the thermostat settings, the air filter, and the condenser unit for the problems above. Look for an AC installation near me if everything seems to be working but you’re still sweating.
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