Why is My Furnace Rusty?

Places with high humidity are most likely to have rust. Moisture generated by furnaces can significantly damage even the most durable and well-built heating equipment. Get help from a professional for furnace replacement in Forney, TX.

Causes of rust in your Furnace

Learn more about the common causes of this problem below. Three of the most common causes of rust in heating units are:

Humidity and moisture

In humid weather or after rain, water moisture inside the ventilation system can enter the furnace and cause rust to form by causing chemical reactions with metal. You may have a worse problem if your ducts have breaks that allow humid air from other parts of the house to enter. You should get your furnace repaired immediately if you notice any rust. If this worsens, immediately search for emergency furnace repair near me.

Leaking air conditioner

In most HVAC systems, the air conditioner unit sits above the furnace so both units can use the same blower. Condensate drains away from a condensate pan when air conditioners generate condensation. The condensate pan will overflow if the drain becomes clogged, causing water to drip onto the furnace and create rust. Both the furnace and air conditioner need to be repaired in this situation.

Combustion gas reaction

In a gas furnace, the combustion gas cools down in the heat exchanger, turning it into vapor. This vapor can cause rust on metal surfaces in the furnace despite proper exhaust ventilation. Nevertheless, years of combustion and gas exposure will eventually cause rust, so if you have a furnace that has been in operation for more than 20 years, you may need to replace it.

Have you noticed rust on your furnace? Look for emergency HVAC Repair Near Me and make an appointment as soon as possible. Our 24 x 7 service is provided at no additional charge, so you can rest assured that your furnace will operate safely.

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